The 5 Most Obvious (but ignored) Indicators of Health

The 5 Most Obvious (but ignored) Indicators of Health

When it comes to our health, sometimes the most obvious answers are the best answers: 

🍇 Eat unprocessed, whole foods
🌞Get a little bit of sunlight daily
💧Drink plenty of water but don’t go overboard

And yet, time and time again, we find ourselves bombarded with wellness advice that seems out of touch and out of nowhere. And it's no surprise when you consider the current system:

On average, it takes 17 years for scientific research to reach clinical practice. Oftentimes, what’s being studied are answers so obvious, most of us would be following suit had we not originally been led astray by gurus and trends.

For those of us who are struggling now, we can’t afford to ignore what matters most. We need real insights we can trust, today.

That’s why, when I realized we’ve been collectively ignoring 5 major indicators of wellness, I knew I had to tell others.

So what are the five most important (yet ignored) indicators of health? 

Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. 

As the founder of SuperSenses, I'm so passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of our five senses. I not only developed the first at home test for all five senses, but I developed an app that gives you actionable insights into what your results actually mean for your wellness.

Because frankly, it’s not enough to know you don’t have a strong sense of smell - you have to know why your senses matter. So let’s find out…

When it comes to your sense of smell, did you know:

👃 Reduced ability to smell, known as hyposmia, is a common symptom of diabetes, affecting up to 70% of people with the disease.

👃 Exposure to certain odors can either enhance or hinder cognitive functions.

👃 Loss of smell can be an early sign of dementia, indicating potential damage in the brain's olfactory region.

And that’s just one of our FIVE senses. Every sense plays a major role in our wellbeing. Think about it - you use your senses every day. They are not only how you experience the world around you - they are also windows into your health. 

I started SuperSenses to bring awareness to five of the most obvious and overlooked aspects of our wellness: Our Five Senses. 

The SuperSenses team is passionate about sensory health and works tirelessly to provide free educational resources, accessible at-home sense test kits, and tools to help you understand your senses.

It’s time to stop taking our five senses for granted. 

The current system would have you believe that our senses are static - they are what they are and we can’t change them. But research shows it’s possible for some people to improve their sense of sight with daily eye exercises. Super Tasters, who often have a selective palate, can actually train their way into broader taste preferences - expanding their options for nutrient intake.

Deterioration is not inevitable for everyone and more importantly, in some cases, sense loss can be reversible. 

Why should you test your five senses? 

Because you can’t master what you don’t measure. 

Without learning about sensory health or tracking your status, you won’t have the tools to make a change. Or worse - the changes you do make might be moving the needle in the wrong direction. 

But don’t feel overwhelmed - I created SuperSenses in order to make Sense Health educational, simple, and actionable.

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Stay well and take care of your senses.



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