We Want To Hear Your Story

We Want To Hear Your Story

“Changes in my sense of taste have had a bigger impact on my quality of life than I could have ever guessed. For months, I felt so lonely. I didn’t want to go out to dinner with my friends.” - Natalie M., Columbus, Ohio 

“I’ve made the most out of my hearing loss and refuse to focus on the negative, but if I could have detected and prevented the middle ear infection that caused the loss of hearing in my left ear, I would have.” - Jordan D., Chicago, Illinois

“Being a super smeller literally makes me perfect for my career—I’m a sommelier—but I don’t like how prone to headaches I am or how much I can’t stand most perfumes.” Maria S. Venice, California

Do you have a story about one of your five senses that you want to share with the world? Schedule an interview for our Sense Health Awareness Series.

SuperSenses is on a mission to bring our five senses into the wellness conversation. The good, the bad, the funny, the life-changing—what are your sense stories? 

We want people to start talking about their senses because while there is awareness around everything from gut health to hormone health to mental health, our sense health actually impacts all of those areas and more - yet few people prioritize their care. So let’s get the conversation going! #mysensestory #sensehealthmatters

By Helping Your Sense Story Be Heard, SuperSenses Hopes To:

1. Give voice to people's experiences. 
2. Spread awareness about the importance of all 5 of our senses
3. Reduce stigma and misconceptions around sensory health.

How to Join the Conversation: 

  1. Schedule a time to record your story with a member of the SuperSenses team. We want to hear your honest, candid experiences about any one of your senses.
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  1. Upload a photo or video with the hashtag #mysensestory to Instagram and tag us so we can re-share and spread awareness about sense health.

No need to be a SuperSenses customer - this is not a testimonial and you don't have mention SuperSenses at all. We just want people to understand the impact our sense health has.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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