Supporting Brain Health Through At-home Sense Testing

What is SuperSenses?

SuperSenses is dedicated to enhancing cognitive health through the testing and managing of the five senses—vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Our mission is to bring awareness to the crucial role these senses play in overall brain health and to provide tools for individuals to monitor and improve their sensory function. Our innovative approach combines research-backed tests with a user-friendly app, making it easier than ever to understand and maintain sensory health.


What is the Complete 5 Senses Discovery Kit?

Our Complete 5 Senses Discovery Kit allows individuals to assess the status of their senses through research-backed tests. Our accompanying app tells users if they score reduced, normal, dominant, or super for all five senses and, most importantly, how to utilize their results for an enhanced quality of life.

Our innovative flagship offering, the Complete 5 Senses Discovery Kit includes:

  • Research-backed 12-Odorant Test
  • Allergy-safe 4 Taste Strips
  • Touch Sensitivity Dial
  • Auditory Range Hearing Test
  • Visual Clarity and Color Blindness Test
  • QR Code unlocking access to the SuperSenses app

By creating an engaging experience, we’re bringing sense health to the forefront of people’s minds. This awareness is key because the research is clear: sense health is brain health. Reduced senses are not only a warning sign but also a risk factor for cognitive decline.

Why Partner With SuperSenses?

Comprehensive Testing and Community Engagement

Our kits are doctor-designed and backed by thorough research. They provide users with detailed insights into their sensory health. For each sense, users discover whether they score Reduced, Normal, Dominant, or Super. Additionally, our unique "Cohort" feature allows users to see how they rank compared to other users, giving us unique insights into sense health across a range of ages.

By donating SuperSenses kits, we aim to:

  • Spread awareness about the importance of sensory health.
  • Enhance the user’s brain health by providing valuable insights which may lead to important lifestyle changes.
  • Strengthen our app’s cohort functionality, giving us deeper insights into sense across diverse populations.

Commitment to Privacy

Privacy and security are integral to our ethos at SuperSenses. Our robust privacy measures ensure that all information is secure and used responsibly.

Logistics and Implementation

Our kits are designed for ease of use, with clear, step-by-step instructions included both in an insert and within our app to guide users through each test. There's no need to mail in results; users will receive their results immediately upon completing the tests.

To support our partners, we offer comprehensive training resources and customer support to ensure seamless distribution and use of the kits. Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary tools and assistance to make the implementation process as smooth and effective as possible.

Our Commitment to Brain Health 

We believe that by partnering with your organization, we can significantly advance our shared goal of promoting sensory health and cognitive well-being. Together, we can distribute SuperSenses kits to those who need them most, making a tangible impact on brain health.

Thank you for considering this collaboration. 

Datar Sahi