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Super Taster ---

A selective palate often leads to missing key nutrients. We'll help you identify what's lacking in your diet and recommend solutions to fill those gaps.

Super Vision ---

You qualify for unique roles like pilot or graphic designer. We offer specialized exercises, such as 'Eye Tracking', to enhance eye muscle coordination and maintain your sharp vision.

Reduced Smell ---

Increases your risks from hazards like gas leaks. Enhance your safety with the protocols and tools we provide.

--- Timely Alerts & Exercises

Take proactive measures against loss with sensory training and wellness alerts - your future self will thank you.

--- Customized Insights

Super Senses is your personalized wellness hub offering expert insights and practical strategies curated to your unique Sense Status.

--- Work With Your Results

Whether you're naturally Super and want to stay that way or are working to improve low sensitivity. our guidance will help you navigate your sensory experience.


Because Your Body Has a Language of Its Own.

Sensory testing isn’t about confirming what you already know - it’s about identifying and measuring the nuances of your sensory experience so you can have a more complete understanding of your health.

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The Smell Test

Our 12-odorant test evaluates your ability to detect and identify various smells, utilizing methodologies rigorously validated in the 2013-2014 U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) for optimal accuracy, backed by extensive scientific research.

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The Hearing Test

Comprehensive evaluation of your ability to identify pitch and volume sensitivity in pure and white noise settings. Results provide valuable insights that can be shared with your doctor. This science-backed test meets standards used by medical professionals.

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The Vision Test

Evaluate your capability to differentiate visual stimuli with our rigorous, self-administered test, providing insights into your daily visual experiences. Gain insights into your visual advantages or challenges to make more informed choices regarding your eye health.

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The Taste Test

Explore your taste receptors, buds, and neural pathways with our 4-strip taste test. By testing your ability to detect three important compounds: PTC, sodium benzoate, and quinine, SuperSenses determines whether you're a Super Taster, Low Taster, or somewhere in between. This test is rigorously supported by robust scientific research ensuring reliable insights into your taste perception.

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The Touch Test

Gain insights into daily tactile experiences with the Two-Point Discriminator Disc, assessing touch detection ability. This friend-assisted, scientifically validated test measures tactile discrimination function, distinguishing between two points of pressure in four stages.

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